What Are the Different Types of Tankless Water Heater?

Going for a tankless water heater has a lot of benefits which explains why there are so many people who opt for this type of unit. Known as an on-demand water heater, it will give you an endless water supply with your desired temperature. Since it does not store hot water in a tank and it only provides hot water when needed, it is a great energy-saving device.

But in terms of selecting a tankless water heater, there are various types of tankless water heater. Depending on the individual or household’s specific requirements and instances, there are different types of tankless water heater to choose from.

Electric Tankless Water Heater

A widely popular choice, an electric tankless water heater is preferred by many because it is less expensive to install an electric tankless water heater compared to others not to mention that buying the unit alone is also cheaper compared to other types.

In terms of energy efficiency, electric water heaters are also more efficient accompanied with long service life. It requires very minimal maintenance since you just need to clean the screen filter from time to time. You don’t have to hire a technician to make sure that the unit is working properly whereas gas tankless water heater requires professional maintenance especially to ensure that the performance and fuel combustion is safe.

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Natural gas is slightly less costly to operate compared to electrical use, so some people opt for a natural gas tankless water heater. But then again, if you are going to look at the prices of getting this type of water heater especially from a reputable brand, it is much more expensive as the cost ranges from $1,000 or even more. Whereas, an electric tankless water heater is priced at $500 to $700 is already good quality.

Installation costs also get expensive given that gas tankless water heater has venting requirements. There are just so many things to take into consideration like air supply, gas line size, and even venting options. Unlike electric tankless water heater, maintenance is required to ensure that everything is working properly.

For most people and even business owners, using electric tankless water heater is considered a better option given that their consumption needs is really not that huge. In as much as an electric tankless water heater is considered to be energy-efficient choices, gas water heaters are more equipped in giving water supply in high flow rates.

Propane Tankless Water Heater

Another type of tankless water heater is the one that uses liquid propane. Now, the cost is slightly more expensive than electric ones. But it has its share of advantages. For one, you get to have continuous water flow without having to wait. You can also save on the installation cost since it uses PVC venting. The only downside is that there are concerns about gas leak detection.

So, it helps that you find a good brand of propane tankless water that has added protection for leak detection. Propane tankless water heater works similarly with the one that uses natural gas. But the thing is this type of unit is a more energy-saving option and compared to electric powered water heaters, they are eco-friendlier. If a gas pipe is not available or if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, a propane tankless water heater might be the better option for you.

Things to Consider

Whether you want to have an electric or a gas-powered tankless water heater, the decision is all up to you as one household’s needs vary from one to another. It is just a matter of taking into consideration the following factor that comes into play in getting the type of tankless water heater that best suits your needs.

  • Cost of installation
  • Water usage
  • Specific preferences
  • Installation location
  • Availability of source( natural gas or electrical supply)

Homeowners and businesses have their respective needs when it comes to the kind of water heater that they want to install for their homes or business establishments. Each type has its own pros and cons and it all boils down to what best suits your requirements. An electric tankless water heater is cheaper when it comes to buying the actual unit as well as the cleaning maintenance cost.

However, you also have to consider the electricity cost. Meanwhile, you may want to explore other options if there is an available pipe for gas supply, you can actually have a gas tankless water heater. A cheaper alternative to a gas water heater is the one that uses liquid propane.

Whatever tankless water heater, it all depends on what you need and your perspective when it comes to the costs associated with buying and installing one for your home or business.

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