About Us

Waterguides.org is your source for information, product recommendations, and brand reviews to help you get the most out of your water. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or RV water heating solution, or simply understand why your hot water heater is making a certain noise – we’ve got you covered. We’re focused primarily on hot water heating products and information right now, but will be expanding our focus to include additional topics soon!

We research, write, and recommend with our users in mind. Our advantage stems from combining our team’s existing industry knowledge and expertise with a proprietary research process that enables us to frequently update our content. This process ensures you will be served high quality, accurate, and up to date advice, guidance, and product recommendations.

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Our Team

William Flores

william flores from waterguides.org
Founder & Co-Owner

William is the founder of waterguides.org, which was established in early 2018. He has a passion for both technology and home improvement. William has over 10 years of experience across the commercial construction, home improvement, and technology industries. He focuses on the people, processes, and technology that power waterguides.org.

Trent Manning

trent manning from waterguides.org

Trent joined waterguides.org in early 2020 to provide additional horsepower and expertise to the team. Similar to William’s background, Trent has over 12 years of experience – primarily across the residential construction, home improvement, and finance industries. In addition to being ‘the numbers guy’, Trent leads our research and review efforts.