Best Water Hardness Test Kit

Are your clothes scratchy and dry? Perhaps you have looked into a mirror one day and seen that your hair is dull, seemingly out of nowhere?

Are your children complaining of irritated skin after using the outdoor pool?

If so, you may be suffering from a case of hard water. Hard water is simply water with very high mineral content.

This is not fatal, but it can cause these inconveniences for people that cause them to want to remove the hardness from their water.

Luckily, this is easy to do, and most people enjoy soft water in their homes.

However, you always need to check that your water has not gone from soft to hard. To do this, you will need to invest in a good water hardness tester kit.

In this article, we will show you five different water hardness test kits and detail their advantages and disadvantages so you can make an informed decision about which tester kit is best for you.

So, if this is of interest to you, read on for more!

Top PicksFeatures
1.JNW Direct Water Hardness Tester Kit
JNW Direct Water Hardness Tester Kit<br data-lazy-src=
  • Extremely Fast & Easy To Use
  • Improve Your Water Supply
  • 150 Strips Means 150 Tests

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2.Varify Water Hardness Test Strips
Varify Water Hardness Test Strips
  • Quick And Accurate
  • Easy To Read Results
  • Extended Shelf life

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3.Health Metric Pro Water Hardness Test Kit
Health Metric Pro Water Hardness Test Kit
  • Easy To Read Color Chart
  • Quick And Accurate
  • Easy To Use

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4.BOSIKE 2 in 1 Water Hardness And pH Testing Kit
BOSIKE 2 in 1 Water Hardness And pH Testing Kit
  • Test Water Hardness
  • High-Percision Results
  • Easy To Use

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5.Watersafe Premium Drinking Water Test Kit
Watersafe Premium Drinking Water Test Kit
  • Detect A Wide Range Of Contaminants
  • EPA Level Detection
  • Easy To Use

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Best Water Hardness Tester Kit

JNW Direct Water Hardness Tester Kit

JNW Direct Water Hardness Tester Kit

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If you want to accurately check the water hardness, then this water hardness test kit is the way to go! This kit can be used to efficiently check if your water softener is working correctly.

But not only that, this kit goes a step above and helps with checking both your reverse osmosis system and water conditioning.

It comes with 150 tests that prove to be accurate and quick with the results.

Not only that, but this water hardness testing kit is excellent for beginners because the instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow, while the color-coded results are easy to read.

This water hardness tester kit is suitable for many water-based fixtures. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Water softeners
  • Taps and faucets
  • Dishwashers
  • Drinking water
  • Both salt and freshwater pools
  • Hot hubs
  • Aquariums

It is important to note that if water hardness is detected, then the test reagent’s color will change.

So, if it does not change, it does not mean the test didn’t work. It simply means that there is no hardness detected in your water.

  • Accurate results
  • Amazing customer service
  • Reliable and easy to read
  • Reports of initial bad batches so may need to use more than one strip at a time for a totally accurate test result
  • Reports that the water hardness read the same between different water sources

Varify Water Hardness Test Strips

Varify Water Hardness Test Strips

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Our next favorite water hardness tester kit is the Varify Water Hardness Tester Strip kit!

Quick, reliable, and consistent are the three main words we would use to describe this company.

They make testing the hardness of your water feels like less of a chore and something you can do in no time at all.

Simply dip the strip into the water and compare it with the chart for accurate test results. The values will range from 0-25 GPG to 0-425 PPM.

On top of this, this water hardness tester kit comes with an extended shelf life! Thanks to its Varify FreshSeal, you can keep this kit for an extended period of time.

So, if you invest in these tips, you are guaranteed freshness and can check your water hardness periodically with confidence.

With this kit, you will find two pouches containing 50 separate strips, you can refill the pouch when you have used up all of the strips.

Not only that but every purchase of the Varify water hardness test strips will support a non-profit charity.

  • Will provide accurate results
  • Quick to use
  • Large color chart so the results are easy to read
  • Strips may be sensitive to air humidity which may affect the final results
  • Some reports that these strips show the same results no matter what they do to their water source,

Health Metric Pro Water Hardness Test Kit

Health Metric Pro Water Hardness Test Kit

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Next on our list is the Health Metric Pro Water Hardness Test Kit! This kit’s chart is attached to the bottle, so you never have to worry about losing it.

This kit is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is dip the testing strip in the water, shake it, wait for thirty seconds, and then compare it to the chart on the bottle for the results.

It is important to wait exactly thirty seconds for the most accurate results. They can be used in homes, but also in pools, aquariums, and spas.

The 50 strips that come in the kit will remain fresh for 10 months, provided they are kept in a dry and airtight space.

This may be less than some of the previous kits, but you know you are in great hands with this company.

Health Metric Pro has been in the business for more than 30 years and is dedicated to providing you with the best quality products that they can.

  • No need for calibration, unlike many water hardness meters
  • Very accurate results
  • Easy to understand
  • The results will not be accurate even if you do something slightly different from the instructions. For example, if you do not wait exactly thirty seconds then the results may not be accurate.

BOSIKE 2 in 1 Water Hardness And pH Testing Kit

BOSIKE 2 in 1 Water Hardness And pH Testing Kit

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Next on our list is the BOSIKE 2 in 1 Water Hardness And pH Testing Kit! This testing kit not only tests for hard water but for pH, too!

So, you’re getting a great deal if you invest in this kit. With the right water softness and pH level, you are almost guaranteed to have excellent-quality water all around.

The results you will get by using this kit are reliable and instantaneous. The company recommends using these strips twice a week, and they can be kept for up to two years, so have excellent longevity!

However, please note that you must keep the strips in a well-sealed bottle in packaging so this is possible

  • Accurate results
  • Test for pH too so covers a range of potential problems with the water
  • Simple process, the strips have only three readings
  • The colors on the chart are very similar which may make it difficult to determine the results
  • Reports that results have changed drastically upon retesting

Watersafe Premium Drinking Water Test Kit

Watersafe Premium Drinking Water Test Kit

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If you want to have a test kit that specializes in certain water fixtures, then look no further than our final recommendation for a water hardness testing kit!

This kit specializes in testing for the water hardness in your drinking water and wells.

Not only that, but it will test for lead, nitrates, bacteria, and more! So, if you invest in this testing kit, you are investing in the best water quality possible.

Not only are these tests quick and simple, but they are very sensitive to lead and will detect it down to 3.8 parts per billion!

Not only that, but this water testing kit has EPA level detection, with results that are lab-validated, so are reliable and accurate.

  • Accurate results that make you feel safe when drinking water
  • Clear labels that are easy to read and understand
  • Illustrated instructions, as well as written ones
  • Thes bacteria test takes over an hour to do
  • The marking on the bacteria test can be difficult to read

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some of the most important factors you need to look out for when investing in a water hardness tester kit.


When you are trying to test your own water hardness, you want the test to be as simple as possible.

If the test has complex instructions or requires you to follow many convoluted steps before you can see a result, then it is not worth investing in.

Leave the complicated testing methods to the professionals, and buy a water hardness testing kit that is going to be stress-free to use.

For example, all of the water hardness testing kits we have provided above require very little effort.

For most of them, you simply place the strip in the water, shake it and wait, and then compare the results to the chart.

It really can be that easy! Complicated testing methods will only confuse and risk the threat of consuming or using hard water.

However, you should always make sure you follow the instructions exactly or you risk compromising the reliability and the accuracy of the results.

You should also look for a water hardness testing kit that has instructions that are easy to understand.

You can also look for some that have instructions portrayed in a way that you prefer. For example, some people may prefer a step-by-step method, while others may prefer illustrations.

All of these are possible to find, so look for one you like and invest in it!


Naturally, you will need to invest in a water hardness tester kit that will provide you with accurate and reliable results.

This is so you are safe when it comes to drinking water, using pool water, etc.

Hard water is not fatal, but it can irritate your skin, make your clothes scratchy and dry, and your hair dull.

No matter whether you are at home, in the gym, using a spa, etc, you want your water to be soft and of the best quality, it could be. So, the accuracy of the water hardness testing kits is very important.

You can use multiple strips in one go for reliable testing, or you can make sure you review the products recommended to make sure the one you want to invest in is right for you.

The products above will all provide accurate results that you can rely on time and time again.


Another factor you will want to consider when it comes to choosing a water hardness testing kit is the warranty of the product.

Ask yourself how long the product will last? Some products will last for longer than others.

For example, one of the products we have recommended will last for two years subject to certain conditions, while another will last for 10 months.

The product with the most longevity will not necessarily be the best one for you. It all depends on how often you are planning on testing your water hardness.

If you are planning on testing for it often, then you don’t need to worry about longevity, because chances are you are going to use the product before the use-by date.

However, if you are not planning on using the product a lot, then one that has a longer shelf-life will be better for you.

Of course, no matter how often you are going to use your water hardness testing kit, you will need to ensure that you store it correctly, or you risk compromising its accuracy and safety of use.

Most strips will need to be sealed shut in packaging, but you should always read the instructions to double-check this and follow whatever your product packaging recommends you do.


You will need to think about what you intend to use the testing kit for.

Some testing kits can only test for drinking water, while others will be able to test for more things, like pool water, well water, water in spas, etc.

So, If you only want to test the water hardness in your home, then you can make your search easier by narrowing down your choices to look for water testing kits exclusively for drinking water, homes, etc.

Meanwhile, some testing kits can test more things than others.

For example, some testing kits recommended will test for water hardness only, while some will test for the pH levels of the water, and contaminants such as lead, bacteria, nitrates, etc.

You may find it useful to be able to test for multiple things in your water with one kit.

If that is the case, we recommend investing in a water hardness testing kit that also tests for other things that could be in your water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Water Hardness Testing Kits Work?

There are various water hardness testing kits that will work in various ways. Some kits require tests to be sent off to laboratories while others simply require you to follow a step-by-step strip method.

If you order a mail-in kit, then you will need to put samples of your water in containers and then ship them off.

If you decide to use a strip testing kit, then you can simply follow the instructions and get results in a much shorter space of time. Some results can be obtained in just fifteen minutes.

Is There An Expiry Date For Water Hardness Testing Kits?

Yes, there is an expiration date on water hardness testing kits. The longevity of these kits can vary, some last for a few months, while others can last for a few years.

Once the expire date for the water hardness testing kits has passed, then their ability to give an accurate reading will be reduced.

So, you should try to use the tests within the expiry date, and cease use once the date has passed.

What Do These Kits Test For?

Water testing kits primarily test for water hardness, but that is not the only thing they will test for!

Depending on what kit you buy, you can get tests for the pH level in your water, as well as any contaminants that could be present in the water.

Some water testing kits will test for a few contaminants, but some will test for much more – over 200+. Some of the more common impurities that water testing kits will look for include:

  • Copper
  • Chlorine
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Iron
  • Nitrates

Are Water Hardness Testing Kits Accurate?

Yes! Generally, water hardness testing kits will all depend on the manufacturer.

So, when looking for a reliable, accurate testing kit, you should always look for ones with great detail, accurate information, etc.

If using an at home strip test kit, then you need to find out what water you are testing. Most of the time, water testing kits are meant to test a specific source of water.

So, some will be more suited to pools, some to faucets, some to wells, etc. You will need to purchase the right kit for the water you are testing, which will ensure the test is reliable and accurate.

Final Thoughts

Hard water can be an inconvenience for many households and water sources.

However, now there is a way to test it at home with ease, and get your water back to being soft and conditioned, just the way you want it to be!