Can You Drink The Tap Water In Las Vegas?

The status of tap water in Las Vegas has caused some arguments in the past. Is it safe to drink? Does it taste nice? While you might be nervous to try the tap water for yourself, there is nothing to say it isn’t safe.

In this article we will dive deeper into the status of tap water in Las Vegas and whether it is safe to drink. You can explore the deserts of Las Vegas, Nevada knowing whether you can be hydrated for free or if you should stock up on bottled water.

Las Vegas tap water

Lake Mead is the primary water source for Las Vegas. The Colorado River transports water from the Rocky Mountains to Lake Mead.

Las Vegas offers free drinking water from the tap. It is safe to drink. However, you might not enjoy the flavor. It doesn’t have a great flavor.

If you’re in the neighborhood, you should consume bottled water. In the Las Vegas valley, dehydration is a common problem due to the humid weather. 

Source of water for Las Vegas

Source Of Water For Las Vegas

90% of the tap water in Las Vegas, according to the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD), originates from the Colorado River, which flows from the Rocky Mountains. 25 million Americans living in several states receive their water from the Mountain range.

There are over 6,000 wells within the Las Vegas Valley which are used for water throughout the summer months. Yet most residents still prefer to purchase bottled water or buy their own tap water filters to help improve the taste of their drinking water. Even with no risks to drinking the tap water as it comes. 

Tap water quality in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Valley Water District conducted 302,000 tests on 56,700 water samples. They found that there were low traces of chemicals, minerals and biological contaminants. All of which were within acceptable standards.

This identifies the tap water in Las Vegas as hard water. The water has high levels of minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

While this may just alter the taste and feel of the water, it is not harmful to drink. The water is nontoxic. However, it is recommended for certain groups of people to be cautious if consuming the water regularly. This includes:

  • The elderly
  • Organ donors
  • Infants
  • Those being treated for cancer
  • Those with a weak immune system

There may not be any serious side effects of drinking the water straight from the tap but it is better to err on the side of caution if you fall under any of the above categories.

You may also experience a change in your skin and hair as you shower in Las Vegas. Due to the hardness of the water, it can dry out your skin and hair so make sure to pack a nourishing conditioner and bodywash for your stay. You can also try to fix the hardness of your water by simple methods like boiling your water or purchasing and installing water filters in Las Vegas homes that can strain minerals in your water.

Las Vegas hotel water

Las Vegas is known worldwide for its luxurious services offered throughout the hotel industry. Often being regarded as helpful and of high quality. But can you drink the water from the tap in your room?

Yes you can. The tap water in hotels is hard water but is still safe for consumption. It just may not taste high quality and may take some getting used to. However, hotels provide high quality bottled water as a replacement.

This is especially important for those with a serious disease or allergy which may be triggered due to the tap water.

You’ll also find that Las Vegas restaurants and casinos will provide bottled water rather than tap water. While this may add an extra cost onto your everyday spending, it does taste better and has less chance of giving you an upset stomach. 

Impact of drinking hard water

Impact Of Drinking Hard Water

As mentioned above, hard water can make your skin and hair rather dry. Combined with the heat of the Nevada desert, you may want to invest in a high quality moisturizer whilst visiting.

The pH balance of your skin can be altered by hard water, claims the Healthline article. Hard water poses a concern to those with dermatitis. Or more commonly known as Eczema. It is a condition that causes rashes and itchy skin.

There have also been reports of hard water having an impact on blood pressure and heart disease. It was discovered that those who regularly consumed hard water were diagnosed with more heart problems and high blood sugar.

While you may not be aware of any current heart issues, it is best to avoid hard water if there is a history within your family’s health. 

What can make Las Vegas tap water harmful?

While the tap water in Las Vegas is confirmed to be safe by the correct officials, there are still reasons to avoid drinking it.

Addition of chlorine

To make the tap water clean and safe to drink, local officials add chlorine. Chlorine has been observed in some situations combining with other minerals to produce chloroform.

Chloroform can raise a pregnant woman’s risk of miscarriage and poor fetal growth.

To avoid further risk, it is advisable to buy bottled water or try removing the chlorine in your water.

Arsenic levels

Arsenic can naturally enter the water from industrial pollution or natural deposits. Consuming high levels of arsenic whilst pregnant can lead to a higher risk of miscarriage.

The level of arsenic within Las Vegas tap water is rather high with 10 ppm rather than the recommended 2. Other effects of consuming high levels of arsenic are skin cancer. Bladder cancer, heart disease and lung cancer. 

Final thoughts 

Can you drink tap water in Las Vegas?

Yes. You can safely drink water straight from the tap in Las Vegas. You may not enjoy the taste, however, or the effects the hard water may have on your skin and hair.

It is recommended to consume bottled water to avoid high consumption of magnesium and calcium, especially if you are categorized as vulnerable.

However, if you wake up thirsty in the middle of the night, you are completely safe to drink from the tap.